Tuesday, March 22, 2016

New issue-PEZ Collectors News

The newest issue of PEZ Collectors News will be available very soon.  Its at the printer and due to be mailed any day.  Subscribe today from our web site....don't miss out!

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Saturday, March 5, 2016

NE PEZ Con-Early Reg deadline!

Quick update- Its March 5th- Deadline for early registration is March 15th.  Its time to send in your convention registrations....you will not want to miss out on getting anything in this years registration package.

We have some changes in store for 2016, but the biggest news for 2016 (if you havent heard) is we are getting a very special, "Exclusive Limited Edition PEZ Convention dispenser" from PEZ.  Pictured here is a sneak peek of the card, NOT the actual dispenser. (Dispensers will be available to pre-registered attendees as part of a "Premium Package" that we will offer in the convention hospitality room) 

"Special PEZ Convention dispenser/Absentee packages-we always welcome absentee packages for those that can not attend.  The package will include convention logo t-shirt, con logo pin, candy pack, other goodies and our own 2016 NE PEZ Con dispenser.  Same as we have done in the past.  We are sorry, but due to high demand the package will NOT include the "Exclusive Convention Dispenser from PEZ".  To be fair to all, we will make a small number dispensers available on eBay during the convention.  So watch eBay when the convention starts on Thursday April 28th.
Extra "Exclusive PEZ Con dispensers" will be used as prizes at our convention in 2016 and beyond!

For more information/registration information just go to our web site www.PezConvention.org and follow the links.  Any questions, just email richie@pezcollectorsnews.com

Hope to see you all very soon at the 18th Annual Northeast PEZ Convention in Stamford CT on April 28-30th, 2016!