Friday, December 28, 2007

PEZ-whats new- newsletter, pins, convnetion, racing

NEW- PEZ Valentine Puzzle Pin Now Available
Our newest PEZ PINZ is now available and posted on our web site at . We updated the web site with new pictures so you can see each pin much easier.
Please take a look at our new design that is in the works- Our The "I Collect PEZ, Got Any" pins should be available in Feb if all goes well. Good news, the new pins will be only $5 each! We want to see more collectors wearing our pins!

NEW- Convention Fun- PEZ Car Show- PEZ Car Drag Racing!
Yes, thats right. You have time this winter to customize a PEZ car for our first "Custom PEZ Car- Car Show". We will have a PEZ Car-Car Show at the Northeast PEZ Con and a Car Show and PEZ Car Drag Racing at the Myrtle Beach Con. For more info and rules check out

NE PEZ Con- 10th Anniversary Party!
Its time to start thinking about attending the Northeast PEZ Collectors Gathering. People that pre-register will get a very special item in their convention packet that part of our 10th Anniversary Party. You wont want to miss this iem. Its limited, so you will have to send in early to make sure you get it. For more info about the 10th Annual Northeast PEZ Collectors Gathering go to
Did you sign up yet? We have over 850 members in less than one year! We also have a special members collector pin, info is posted on how to get your pin on the myspace4Pezheads web site.

I have a few links for you to check out:
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Hope everyone has a happy New Year!