Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Pezcation 2017! #NEPEZCON #PEZ

Ready to plan your "Pezcation"? What, you don't know what that is? A "Pezcation" is a PEZ Convention and family vacation wrapped up together! Come visit the NE PEZ Con in Stamford CT and see ALL of the local sights. Stamford has so much to offer, but a short train ride from the hotel is a little place called New York City. East of Stamford, there is the PEZ Visitors Center. We will be posting more links and places for you to visit on your "Pezcation".

Start planing now for June 22-24, 2017!

Convention registration information has been posted so you can make plans to attend the 19th Annual Northeast PEZ Collectors Gathering (NE PEZ CON) !

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Favorite #PEZ Dispenser Contest- WINNERS

Thank you all for the submissions to our "Favorite PEZ Dispenser Contest". We loved reading the touching stories.
By now, some lucky readers might have received one of our very special PCN Prize Dispensers in the mail.
Thank you all for submitting your contest entries. All of the entries were great, it was hard picking a handfull of winners!

We will print more of them in the next issue of PEZ Collectors News! Happy PEZZING!

Monday, August 1, 2016

Pezheads @ Sea Cruise 2017-The Details!

So, where will our PEZ Boy be going on the Pezheads @ Sea Cruise in 2017?

Hint- One of the destinations is on the sign below!

All of the details are now posted on our web site at . ALL of the details such as destinations, the ship, date, cost are now posted. You can book today!

Check out the web site, any questions call or email Mary.

We hope to "See u @ Sea" in 2017!