Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Web Cams & NE PEZ Convention-information

Hi Everyone,
  On Wednesday April 18th the Northeast PEZ Con Hospitality Room will be open.  Convention packages can be picked up starting in the early afternoon.  If you are signed up for the bus trip please visit our web site and click on “bus list assignments/details” for important last minute information you need to know.  If you want to register for the convention you will have to come to the hospitality room and sign up in person.
  For those that can’t come to the convention, but would like to share in some of the fun we have a treat for you.   About 10 years ago at the Northeast PEZ Con we had a live web cam set up.  A couple years ago we set up a web chat with the Swedish PEZ Gathering from our convention in Myrtle Beach.  Web cam technology has improved and it’s time to try it again.
  At the “Northeast PEZ Collectors Gathering” starting on Wednesday April 18 thru Saturday April 21st we will have a web cam set up in the convention hospitality room.  It will also be set up Saturday morning during the “public show”.    We will also have a hand held web cam and try to get you some fun footage from who knows where at the convention.  It would be better if you come to the convention, but if you can’t at least you will be able to see parts of it via the Internet.     
 If you go to our web site you will see a couple links to “You Tube” and “Ustream”.  The live stream web cams are on Ustream.  If you miss the live Ustream feeds there will also be videos posted on the Ustream site, so check them out.
  Hopefully this will be a way to bring PEZ conventions to those that can’t attend in person and perhaps make you want to attend one.  Sit back and enjoy the show….


Sunday, April 1, 2012

Time to Prep for the PEZ Convention!

It's April. Time to prepare for the 14th Annual Northeast PEZ Convention and bus trip to PEZ! So, what should you be doing? 1-Time to get out your PEZ shirts, clean them and get them ready. 2-Next, get out your price guide and books to pack. 3-Next, make a list of what PEZ you have and what you will be looking for. 4-Check our web site to make sure you know where the hotel is located and check out what's in walking distance of the hotel. 5-Get your camera ready. You will see more PEZ in one place than ever before. You will want to make sure to take pictures. Plus, if you are going on the bus trip, make sure you have the cameras ready for that. 6-If you are going on the bus trip to PEZ, make sure you have money or a credit card. PEZ has exclusive dispensers for sale at their store you will want to purchase. Also, bring a few loose PEZ dispesers and a marker pen. Never know who you will see at the PEZ Visitors center. You may want their autograph and a picture! 7-For the convention, make sure you bring plenty of cash. The hotel ATM's always run out of cash during the convention. Don't cut your PEZ buying short. 8-Lastly, time to get psyched! April 19-21 will be here before you know it!