Monday, February 13, 2012

NE PEZ Con Registration deadline!

NE PEZ Con reservations are due March 1st. It's only a couple weeks away! Send soon.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

FREE Collector Site

I have to tell you about a new site where you can, BUY, SELL or TRADE collectibles for FREE! I joined the site in November, it was free then and it still is. I keep waiting for them to add fees, but they haven’t. So its time to tell you about it. Go to and check it out. They added a section for us PEZ collectors. If you go to the site click on the “Candy” categories. Here is a question I pulled from their FAQ. Q: Are there any fees for selling items at Coollectors? A: Registration to Coollectors, exchanging, buying and cataloging items at Coollectors are free of charge. Listing an item at Coollectors is also totally free of charge! Enjoy Coollectors special offer - No Selling Fees! Sell your items Free of Charge! So if you got a few minutes and some PEZ to sell or trade why not give it a try? Happy PEZZING, Richie

Saturday, February 4, 2012

NEW PEZ Valentine, Star Wars & Muppets!

Pictured Below are new Valentine Bears & Hearts. The new Muppets and on the bottom are the new Star Wars Darth Maul & Yoda. The other Yodas are pictured so you can see the differences.

Radz Candy Dispenser-check 'em out

All Radz come with names. ABOVE: Reindeer Radz-Jingles, Jaeden & Jazz BELOW: Polar Bears- Bastia, Snowden & Pep
BELOW: Valentine Radz dispensers- Beau, Honey & LuLu
BELOW_ Pictures arethe dispensers with the hats pushed back ready to dispense candy.
If you are interested in buying some check out Crazy Candy's web store on ebay