Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Streaming Web Cams from PEZ Convention in Myrtle Beach!

Hi Everyone, As you know I’ve hosted a few conventions. About 10 years ago at the Northeast PEZ Con we had a live web cam set up. A couple years ago we set up a web chat with the Swedish PEZ Gathering from our convention in Myrtle Beach. Technology has improved and it’s time to try something different. At the “PEZ in the Sun” Collectors Gathering (Myrtle Beach Oct 27-29) we are going to be testing new web cams/equipment. I want to make sure everything is in good working order for the “Northeast PEZ Collectors Gathering” and Bus Trip to the new PEZ Visitors Center. (which will be in April) The Northeast Convention/Bus Trip is something you will not want to miss. It would be better if you come, but if you can’t at least you will be able to see parts of it via the Internet. Wireless Internet is spotty at the Myrtle Beach hotel. But, I’m going to try to bring you some of the Myrtle Beach PEZ fun to your house. Who knows, maybe this will make you want to come to a convention! If you go to our web site www.Pezify.com you will see a couple links to “You Tube” and “Ustream”. We will upload videos to You Tube from the convention and also stream live web cams on Ustream. If you miss the live Ustream feeds there will also be videos there too, so check them out. On Thursday we will start testing the equipment. If all goes well with the Internet connection, at 8PM we will have a live video stream from the PEZhead/Parrothead Party from the convention hospitality room. Stop by and take a look…. Friday we will be posting videos and possibly have live web cams going from time to time. Saturday night at 7PM we will have a live feed from the PEZ Swap Party in the Hospitality room. Hopefully this will be a way to bring PEZ conventions to those that can’t attend in person and perhaps make you want to attend one. Sit back and enjoy the show…. Happy PEZZING, Richie

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New Wal Mart exclusive Lord of Rings- hits stores

The Wal Mart set is on bottom and the different dispensers are outside the box so you can see them. Happy hunting!