Friday, November 16, 2007

PEZ dispenser racing?

During the PEZ in the Sun Myrtle Beach convention Iwas talking to another collector that told me aboutways to make the PEZ Pull n Go race cars go faster. Iknow there are many of you that like to tinker withthings, including PEZ dispensers. So I came up withnew some events for the Northeast PEZ CollectorsGathering-Stamford CT (April) and the Myrtle BeachConventions. So new, I didn’t get both of them intothe new issue of PCN!NEW EVENTS- How about a Custom PEZ Car-Car Show andPEZ Car Drag Racing! Since the price has dropped onthe Pull n Go Cars and Johnny Lightning PEZ cars nowis the perfect time to start playing with them. Howabout that, play with them? Anyone can enter theseevents. For details I set up a new web site, just goto for details and rules! You haveall winter to work on the cars, so have fun! Forinformation about the conventions go towww.PezGathering.comHappy PEZZING,Richie-PEZ Collectors News
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Northeast PEZ Collectors Gathering
PEZ in the Sun

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

PEZ Convention-Myrtle Beach is over-had fun!

PEZ is such a fun thing, the hobby as a whole is fun. The people, the happenings. So, all I can say if you never been to a convention you have to. There are several around the US during the year. It seems to take forever for a convention to come, then once its here- it goes by in a flash. What I really like is being able to get together with our “PEZ friends” for a good time. Boy, it was a good time. I really don’t know where to start. The weather was good and there was plenty of sun, PEZ and the horses were back on the beach again this year.
Well, first I would like to thank all of the dealers for coming. You guys are the greatest and hopefully you took enough time off to enjoy the sights of Myrtle Beach! I also have to say a special thank you to Laura and Silvia for putting together a children’s scavenger hunt. The look on the little one’s faces while they were searching was priceless. Attendees- since you really don’t have to register to attend I don’t have exact attendance numbers but attendance was very good. Also I have to say a special thank you to Bubba, for two things. First for hooking us up with the Carolina Opry- we got a group rate and at least 30 attended the Christmas show. We had the best seats in the house and we got to see “Uncle Neild” trying to sing a Christmas Carol on stage. That was priceless. Talk about priceless, the Buzz during the convention was about Mary dressed as a Bee!
Bingo was very well attended and of course it had its highlights. We gave out the mini-golf tournament prizes and a special Limited Edition PEZ was given to Uncle Neild. We know you have a special place to put that PEZ dispenser! Talk about special- Bubba put together a “special b-day present” for me. (My B-day is August, but as he would say they do things slow down south.) He came up during bingo with a present, a gift wrapped can of beer, then he asked if anyone else had a present and 50 people came up with a gift wrapped beer. Really the thanks should go to Bubbtte (Mrs. Bubba) for wrapping all of the beers. Needless to say that was a big surprise and to see 50 people come up at the same time-priceless!
The real b-day people during the convention were Lindsay, Stephen and the Mayor of PEZville Red. Now, you know the convention is special to people when they make the convention part of their honeymoon. Missy + Carlos got married on Saturday, stopped at the convention before leaving for Mexico on their honeymoon. Now that’s dedication!
Every convention there seems to be someone somewhere getting a great deal. There was one room that had amazing prices. You could pick up a bag full of non-footed PEZ(good ones too) for almost nothing and they had tons of stuff to sell. When they were finally open, word spread like wildfire. People were running down the halls to get there!
The best part about a convention is talking to other collectors. I like Myrtle Beach because its slower pace than CT and we do get to talk. Well, that is good and bad. I was talking to one person and he told me about how you can make a Pull + Go car go faster. Hmm, Myrtle Beach is in Nascar Country and it got me to thinking. Those that know me know that it can be dangerous when I think! There are so many Car Guys at the Myrtle Beach convention, next year we will have a Pull and Go Car races during the convention. Late last night I went into the garage, opened up a few B-Day presents and took apart one of the cars. (ok, to tell you the truth I was testing the cars as soon as I got home from the convention) All of the Car Guys I spoke with were just as excited about the races as I was. Don’t worry Guys, I’ll get the rules and classes together next week. I have to get the newsletter off to the printer first.
Thanks again to all that attended! Hope you had a good time, Mary and I did! Hope to see ya all next time!
Happy PEZZING, Richie