Thursday, January 29, 2009

PEZ- I Love PEZ - perfect 4 Valentines Day

Hi Everyone,

Looking for that perfect present for the PEZ collecting woman? How about a set of PEZ earrings and a matching necklace? For only $20 you have your choice of 3 different sets. We have the “5 Cent Girl” , the “PEZ Pony dispenser” set, or the “PEZ Elephant dispenser” set at . Don’t want or need earrings? How about just a PEZ necklace? We offer 12 different necklaces ranging in price from $3 to $10. The perfect necklace for Valentines day is our “I Love PEZ” featuring the PEZ Boy + Girl in a heart $10 each and we also have a matching key chain for only $5.

If you are into pin collecting, we have our new 2009 “I Love PEZ” sticker remake heart pin at $10 each, with only 139 made. We still have some of our 2008 PEZ Valentine Puzzle pin at $15 each , this pin will be discontinued after Valentines Day if it doesn’t sell out first.

LAST CHANCE- Only a few sets left of the 2008 PEZ Holiday Ornaments left. We will not make any more, they were a onetime deal with PEZ. So I have to get rid of the remaining stock. They are marked down from $40 to only $30 now.

You can order at our web site and pay with a credit card (orders will be sent the next day) or send a check the old fashioned way.

Any questions, just ask..... Happy PEZZING, Richie