Friday, November 16, 2007

PEZ dispenser racing?

During the PEZ in the Sun Myrtle Beach convention Iwas talking to another collector that told me aboutways to make the PEZ Pull n Go race cars go faster. Iknow there are many of you that like to tinker withthings, including PEZ dispensers. So I came up withnew some events for the Northeast PEZ CollectorsGathering-Stamford CT (April) and the Myrtle BeachConventions. So new, I didn’t get both of them intothe new issue of PCN!NEW EVENTS- How about a Custom PEZ Car-Car Show andPEZ Car Drag Racing! Since the price has dropped onthe Pull n Go Cars and Johnny Lightning PEZ cars nowis the perfect time to start playing with them. Howabout that, play with them? Anyone can enter theseevents. For details I set up a new web site, just goto for details and rules! You haveall winter to work on the cars, so have fun! Forinformation about the conventions go towww.PezGathering.comHappy PEZZING,Richie-PEZ Collectors News
PEZ Pinz
Northeast PEZ Collectors Gathering
PEZ in the Sun

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