Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Years PEZ-olution

For 2008 my resolution (PEZ-olution) is to get my web sites better organized. Make it easier for people to find the information they want in one place. So, I came up with a one stop web site where you can what you need easier when it comes to a convention, the newsletter or just some of the hundereds of pictures I have taken thru the years.

Click on

There is contact information and links to the PEZ Collectors News web site/renewal info, links for the Northeast and Myrtle Beach PEZ Conventions web sites, PEZ Pinz web site, A link to another web site that has links to all of the PEZ conventions, a link to another web site that has pictures and factory tours inside PEZ, a link to the PEZ Rocks web site (which has convention picture slide shows) and the PEZ Racing (PEZ Car Show and PEZ Car Drag racing information) Phew!

Happy PEZZING, Richie

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