Wednesday, April 2, 2008

PEZ Pin collecting and PEZ PINZ for 2008

Well, if you don’t know, pin collecting is hot in our hobby. Recently a couple Limited Edition pins sold for $130+ dollars each. PEZ PINZ (licensed PEZ pins) are almost one year old now. We came out with about 8 different designs. The first 2 pins and our first Limited Edition pin set are sold out. Some of the designs were so nice, we recently turned them into key chains, ear rings and necklaces. We call those items PEZ PINZ Plus.
After listening to feedback from collectors and seeing what’s going on in the PEZ pin world. Here are our plans for the rest of 2008. In the June/July issue PEZ Collectors News (at the end of May for our web site) we will release 2 new pins. One will be a Circus design and the other will be PEZ n Pets design. No more gold or silver background variations. The pins will come on our numbered cards and ONLY 200 of each pin will be sold. For the ladies, we will offer those pin designs as necklaces also. Then in the August/September issue of PEZ Collectors News (end of July for web site) we will release another 2 pins. One will be a Halloween design (Mr. Ugly) and one will be a Holiday design (Santa). Again, only 200 pins, no variations. We will offer both designs as necklaces with matching ear rings for the Holiday design. We will also release an Elephant dispenser and Pony dispenser necklace and earring sets.
Now, this information is for the “real” die hard pin collectors. I really like old vintage advertising. So, I thought it would be cool to make collectible pins out of some old stickers. So, take a look at for a look at the stickers we used. We will group the six pins, into 3 Limited Edition Collector sets. We will sell ONLY 50 sets with gold trim/backing and only 50 sets with black trim/backing. With only 50 sets they should sell out very quick.
Then, here is where it gets tough. It seems pin collectors like pins that have a low run. So we are having 15 pins made of the Raven sticker with a color variation of his beak and 15 Cat sticker pins made with his hat a different color. ONLY 15 PINS OF EACH WILL BE MADE/SOLD! To be fair they will be sold on eBay.
Due to the low release numbers of the Limited Edition sets we will set up a special PINZ email list. To sign up for the mailing list send an email to with your email address. I think with the high interest in limited edition pins these pins will never make it to the PEZ PINZ web site.
All of the designs are now in the approval process with PEZ. Hopefully early May the first Limited Edition pin set will be ready for sale. So, if you are interested in pins drop us an email to and get on our new PEZ PINZ email list

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