Thursday, May 22, 2008

PEZ, PEZ Pins, PEZ Convention- updates

Hi Everyone,
I have a few things to update you on. The new issue of PEZ Collectors News is at the printer and is due to be sent shortly. For those that don’t know, PCN is a 36 page publication which is published 6 times per year. We are the longest running and largest newsletter for PEZheads. We are starting our 14th year! With all of the increases between postage and printing costs we are only $21 per year for the US and Canada. If you would like to subscribe you can send pay pal to or send a check/money order to: PCN PO Box 14956, Surfside Beach SC 29587

The web site has been updated with our new pins (Circus and PEZ n Pets designs) and some really cool looking new jewelry items. The new PEZ Sticker Remake pin sets are almost sold out. We only have 3 sets left. They are listed on the web site but I’m sure they wont last long.
For the real die hard pin collectors the COLOR VARIATION pins have been listed on eBay. Pin number 9 of 15 Raven Sticker Remake and Cat Sticker Remake color variations have been listed. You can find them by searching for eBay item numbers 200226040875 and 200226040477

PEZ Conventions
The date has been set for the 11th Annual Northeast PEZ Collectors Gathering. April 2, 3 and 4th 2009 and we will be at the same hotel as last time-the Hilton Stamford. Details will be posted to the web site shortly.
The PEZ in the Sun (Myrtle Beach, SC) convention web site has been updated with the new group event information (Legends in Concert) and also links to all of the local places of interest. If you like theme parks, the Hard Rock Them Park is going to open next month. It is the first rock n roll theme park. Don’t forget about the new event which will take place at the convention, the PEZ Car Drag Races and the PEZ Car-Car Show.

PEZ Videos
You have to check out the footage that Collectors Quest took at the 9th Annual Northeast PEZ Collectors Gathering. Its up on their web site and you can check it out here:
Every year, I take pictures at the convention. This year, we were too busy but a couple collectors came through with pictures for us, thank you guys… Ok, its easier to just go to you follow the links there to all of our pages. For those that want to go directly to pages, Pictures and video from the Northeast PEZ Con (and other conventions) have been posted to . Pictures and video from the PEZ Car show have been posted to .
A couple people have asked for an online PEZ dispenser checklist. It seems there isn’t one. So, I posted the checklist from the last issue of PEZ Collectors News to for everyone to use. I know, a couple weeks too late for the NE PEZ Con, but better late than never.

Wendy The Snapple Lady
Wendy said to say Thank you to everyone that wrote Snapple. After we all wrote to Snapple, a Newsday (a NY paper) carried her story and the story was also mentioned on . There is a group on Facebook and even a blog about Wendy now! Time will tell what happens. Its really nice what everyone did. Thank you.

Happy PEZZING, Richie

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Dan Rogers said...

i am looking to buy pez convention pins i am just starting to collect pez and i like the pins if anyone can help me that would be great... thanks