Tuesday, January 26, 2010

PEZ on TV Show Pawn Stars- "Joe the PEZ Collector" says offer is "an insult to the PEZ Community"!

"Joe the PEZ Collector" says offer is "an insult to the PEZ Community"! Spread the word!


wilsonfamily522 said...

Wow, is it just me or did $2,500 almost seem like a good deal? To anyone who is not a collector of PEZ, he might have looked like a raving loonatic at the end there. But he IS right, $1000 bucks is an insult, my guess is that you could have sold 4-8 dispensers and had your $1000 right there. My questions is, why didn't he just put them up on eBay?

mruglyismymother said...

I agree, eBay those babies. Or better yet, take them to a convention. They are worth more than $1,000.

In defense of the Pawn shop, they are like dealers. They can't pay high prices because they are only looking to re-sell and it's all about making a profit or they don't stay in business.

I love these Pawn Stars guys except the son (who happens to be they guy in this clip). The father or grandfather would have explained better to the guy why they wouldn't pay that much. The son is just an oaf.

Anonymous said...

yes, they are just going to resell them but they should have asked Dad or the Old Man his advise rather than be stupid. What good are they without the candy? Duh...

Anonymous said...

First of all - The guy that walked in there like a WANNA-BE MOBSTER! What a ZERO. He clearly had SHORT-MAN SYNDROME (A.K.A. Napoleon Disorder)... Fool. How old is he? He is in a pawn shop. He calls himself a collector? What a PUTZ. WHAT COLLECTOR goes to a pawn shop to unload? TOTAL AND COMPLETE FOOL. My guess is that he was a PISS-POOR, BROKE GAMBLER THAT PROBABLY STOLE THAT COLLECTION AND IT WAS "White Hot". GUARANTEED - STOLEN. LOSER. Just wanted to go buy a bag of DEPENDS and get back to his slot machine. He is a disgrace to all Italians. Total GREASE BALL. Should have been the c*m that ran down the side of his mother's leg.

Toothless Soprano said...

R.O.T.F.L.M.F.A.O. ... For those of you that are not sure...(ROLLING ON THE FLOOR LAUGHING MY FAWKING ARSE OFF.)

He has a mouth like a burnt-down village!!! BRUSH YOUR TEETH.

This moron should not go out in public. To bad Vegas is not like it was back "In the day" where morons like him would be taken for a one way ride out to the desert coming into a place of business wtih an attitude like that.

I bet that he got beat up alot as a child. Wait - He still acts like one - Perhaps he still does!

Anonymous said...


It would look like a flip top piece of shit.

It would be the TAPER-SNAKE PEZ.



Losers like him should stay at home. (Oh wait - the bus shelters were probably busy at that time of day!)

Anonymous said...

Joe the pez dispenser guy wanted to be on TV...now get the eff off you stupid man

Anonymous said...

PEZ Collecting is a joke... grow up and get a new hobbie that actually makes sense.

Don't bother flaming me saying "OH YEAH WELL THEY GO FOR ALOT OF MONEY"

WHO CARES. It's fucking stupid.

Anonymous said...

PEZ Community? LoL what a joke..

Anonymous said...

Youz just don't know what the F youz are talkin about.....These are worth some serious scratch you effin chooch's LOL.

Why didn't he ebay them? Well he was in Vegas, broke, and desperate for some dough, of course! He's the freakin CHOOCH.