Thursday, March 25, 2010

NE PEZ Con dispensers + new PEZ licensed Jewelry

Tuesday was a great day. The convention dispensers came and also new samples for our line of PEZ licensed jewelry. If you are coming to the NE PEZ con, make sure you KEEP this dispenser IN THE PACKAGE! That's all I will say right now.
New Jewelry- Very soon we will have necklaces and ear rings with the PEZ Candy brick in gold or silver at VERY reasonable prices! Guys, you will be able to get silver PEZ candy brick key chain. Samples will be on display at the NE PEZ Con!
****Oh, I also have to add, if you are on Facebook please look for PEZ Collectors News and also "Got Pins" and click on to be a fan. The Got Pins page is replacing the PEZ Pinz page. I will be taking that one down because we were just licensed by another company to make pins with their logos. If you are a car guy, then you have heard of Carroll Shelby and now we are working on pins for them. Fun stuff!

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