Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Now Available-NEW PEZ Jewelry

Hi Everyone,
Now available! New PEZ Licensed Jewelry- Nice and simple. Gold or silver jewelry based on the PEZ Candy Brick is available and affordable. In the past the “real” gold earrings sold for $139 and the gold charm for $69. We have the charm w/necklace for $15 and the Earrings for $20. Your choice, either gold or silver. Guys, we didn’t leave you out. You can get a silver PEZ candy brick key chain for only $10. To order or check out at what’s new visit our web site at

NEW PEZ Pinz – The new Uncle Sam PEZ dispenser pin and Sourz Watermelon dispenser pin are now available. Reserved pin list people we have your pins, so if you want to order the new jewelry please use the mail order form so we can send the whole order together. Save on shipping.

Rare PEZ PINZ on ebid- Now on ebid is PEZ Pinz Fat Ear and Mr Ugly rare pins #2 of 5. Both auctions will end Sunday April 25th. You can find them by looking in our ebid web store at and click on rare pin auctions. Good luck bidding!

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