Friday, July 5, 2013

New- PEZ Dispenser Pictorial Guidebook

PEZ Collectors News has been bringing PEZ collectors the latest PEZ collecting hobby information since 1995. We have seen many new PEZ dispensers releases since then.

How well do you know your PEZ characters? We all know Santa Claus & Mickey Mouse. But can you identify the recent PEZ releases?

This 40 page pictorial guide & checklist will help you identify most of the newer PEZ dispensers. We have almost 500 dispensers pictured in the booklet and we have our latest extensive handy PEZ dispenser checklist in the booklet. This guide book will get you up to date on dispensers that were released in the last 10-15 years and you can use the checklist to see what you are missing and keep track of your PEZ collection..........

One our our purchasers just said; "Thank you for creating your newest adventure. I love it! Pictures are great. I am a visual learner, it works great for me! Good job! Thank you!"

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