Saturday, July 26, 2014

Fliptop Pezervation Society/PEZ Collectors News-Anniversary dispenser giveaway

Check out this "very special" PEZ dispenser! We listed one on eBay to grab attention to PEZ Collectors News.
If you have been collecting PEZ dispensers for a long time, then you know that two newsletters were started in 1995 for the PEZ collecting hobby. They were PEZ Collectors News and the Fliptop Pezervation Society. After a couple years, PEZ Collectors News took over Fliptop and continued to serve the PEZ collecting hobby to this day.
If you subscribe to PEZ Collectors News, then you know that we have a "dispenser giveaway" contest in every issue. We have been giving away PEZ Convention dispensers in each issue to a couple of our lucky subscribers. So, to celebrate our 19th year and make it BIG, we want to take it up a notch. Why not take our Fliptop Pezervation Society logo, put it on a dispenser and give some away? So, that's just what we are going to do.

In the October/November issue we will start our "give away" of this very special dispenser. The only other place you will be able to get a chance to get one of these dispensers is at the Northeast PEZ Collectors Gathering. We will use some as "prizes" at the convention.

We are starting biding high here really just to grab your attention. Right now, this is the first one that's available. This is your chance to bid and know you will get one of these very limited dispensers.

But why bid now? Why not take a chance to win one by subscribing to PEZ Collectors News for a fraction of the cost of this dispenser. A subscription to PEZ Collectors News is only $21 for 6 print/mailed issues worldwide!

But, we have seen some dispensers sell for big bucks on eBay. So, please feel free to bid and bid high.

We will number the inside of the stem as "Fliptop #2" and sign it.
Check out the Fliptop dispenser we listed on eBay

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