Tuesday, February 2, 2010

eBay not, ebid yes!

Hi Everyone,
I go back a long way with eBay. They came/sponsored one of the early NE PEZ Conventions and I even helped them with the eBay Heart dispenser. There was another on-line auction company, Auction Universe that came to one of our early NE PEZ Conventions. Looking back, maybe we should have given Auction Universe more of a chance to grow and get better. But now we are stuck with eBay, or are we?

Now to get to the main point of my story. If you didn’t already know, eBay is changing their fee structure in March. Without getting into it all, they are raising prices, again! Listing prices are going up and final value fees are going up regardless of what eBay says. In the end when you sell, it will cost more. So, as of Feb 15th I will be closing my eBay store and removing my listings.
As you may know, I sell my rare PEZ Pinz through eBay auctions and also list PEZ Convention Charity Pins on eBay to raise money for convention charities. The good news is I found a new place for auctions which I will be using and I would like to see all PEZ dealers and collectors come over there to sell also. The web site is ebid.net. Quickly, it’s free to join for buyers and sellers. You can upgrade your account to a lifetime seller account, which has some good perks. During the month of February it’s only $49.95 for a lifetime membership. You can open, up to five stores, start listings when you want, end them when you want and run them as long as you want. Let them run until sold. Sellers can take checks, money order, Pay Pal or Google checkout. Oh, I forgot to mention the biggie- no listing fees and its way cheaper than eBay!

To read a review by Auction Bytes-An Independent Trade Publication of Online Merchants click here: http://www.auctionbytes.com/cab/cab/abu/y210/m01/abu0255/s10

The auction site already has a PEZ classification section under Collectibles and they just added new sub sections for us: Current, Vintage and Other. Right now there isn’t any real vintage PEZ listed yet, some are starting to be listed now. I feel we can make this site big if we get enough people to start using it. I would like to get everyone to check it out. If we get enough sellers/dealers to sign up, then it will be good for all of us.
To test and see how things work I listed some PEZ Pinz samples (auction style) starting at only one cent and I started some at $1!!! I want to get a feel for the site and I want others also to check it out. If you are brave enough to sign up and bid you might get $10 pins for a buck!
Now either I am really brave or really stupid here. Hey, no comments! I also listed the Northeast PEZ Convention Charity Pin auctions on the Ebid site. Hopefully, we get the people that usually bid on our charity pins to bid at the new site. This year Troy’s Family asked that we donate the money to “Make a Wish”. So hopefully we will raise some nice money through the sales of these pins for the charity like we have in the past. It just will not be on eBay. So if you bid on our charity pins please check them out. Bidding ends on Feb 28th. It gives people time to sign up and bid.

To see what a store looks like on ebid, check out my online store and auction items: http://us.ebid.net/stores/PCN-Store

If you want to join please use this link http://us.ebid.net/perl/normal.cgi?ref=857098&mo=register-main so I get credit for the referrals and they know PEZheads are joining! Maybe we can make this place the next big on-line auction place. It’s worth a shot!
Thank you, Richie

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