Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My 2 week update about ebid.net - GREAT SITE!

Here is a quick update about ebid.net. I spoke with one of the founders the other day. They are very excited about PEZheads joining the site-more on that soon. All of the auction listings are now showing up on Google searches. They added sub categories to the PEZ section for us. There has been an increase in PEZ items on the site. It’s been about 2 weeks since I joined ebid.net and have sold a couple items. I find it easy to use. The speed of the site is great. I closed my eBay store sooner than I said I would. Since my web store is out of service I opened two on-line stores there. In the stores I have PCN subscriptions, NE PEZ Con registration packets, NE PEZ Con Charity pins (please go bid on them-money to go to Make a Wish) and our new PEZ Pinz.
The Cost- FREE! If you want to sell with the free membership you only pay a 3% final listing fee with no listing fees. All auctions can start and stop when you want them to. One day or 101 days, or run until sold. If you sign up for a Lifetime Membership (only$49 this month) you get FIVE free online stores, no listing fees, no final value fees. If you want to add a gallery picture then you pay only 2% final listing fee. Still, no listing fees.
First- I don’t work for them. I didn’t know about them until I started looking for eBay alternatives. I think this site is good for us and our dealers. Low or no cost is good for us all! I’m asking all PEZ collectors and PEZ dealers to sign up. To make this work we need everyone to join and all of the PEZ dealers to open stores and start selling. The auction site will get big with our help.

PCN’s ebid online stores
Convention stuff/Newsletter- http://us.ebid.net/stores/pcn-store
PEZ PINZ - http://us.ebid.net/stores/PEZ-PINZ

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